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Infonet offers a fully integrated solution and consulting services to implement Patient management or wellness
solutions across your product lines or different clinical situations. The solution is designed to work in a
disconnected mode, with seamless communications when network or WiFi coverage becomes available. The
INFRAMAP architecture provides the users with immediate access to the system, when needed, without ‘network’ hunting.INFRAMAP has
a number of modules and configuration options designed for providing functionality to support better disease management, clinical trials,
consumer wellness or CRM initiatives. The framework is metadata driven and offers many fast configuration options including data capture,
workflow, presentation layer and database adapters.

INFRAMAP is in continuous evolution as we are adding new features and improvements. The framework consists of over 200,000 lines of
execution code in a roughly equal split between the client software residing on iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad and the back-end services that
manage content, operational data store, business rules engine and external interfaces.
Key Technologies                                                                       Press here for Modules

Local database

Applications function in a disconnected mode so you never have to rely on the Network availability to perform any important function. Application metadata, all media files, transactions and supporting databases are also stored locally.

Database configurable

Metadata is used extensively throughout the system to provide a flexible platform to extend the functionality or allow seamless changes to the system in line with evolving needs. The Learning module, Surveys and Questionnaires, Workflows and Dynamic Journal recording are all metadata driven.

Integrated decision engine

Decision engines are implemented on the mobile client and on the back-end. The client engine powers dynamic real-time interactions through Avatars, analytics interpretation, alerts and reminders, while the back-end, processes complex internal and external data over time to power customer interactions.

Flexible messaging and notification technology

INFRAMAP supports the generation of messages on the client for immediate action as well as interactions delivered through the Apple Notification infrastructure. Messages can have actions and workflows attached, to help in the execution of the required action.

Media Management and Presentation

The framework supports user management of content as well as push content from back-end systems. This metadata driven technology allows a seamless distribution of educational or sales and marketing related content to the client as well as its use in presentations.

Powerful workflow engine

Designed for guidance and recording of complex activities and medical exercises, this technology helps overcome the screen real-estate issues of mobile devices. The workflow intersperses the recording of data or actions with instructions or supporting learning content, thus enhancing the user experience and promoting compliance.

Security Framework

The framework meets the 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, supports database encryption, secure HTTPs encrypted transactions, multilevel passwords, remote wipe and a physical device security model preventing application and account transfer to another device.

Real time guidance and advice


An essential component of behaviour modification is acting in time before bad decisions are made. The in-built decision engine can provide immediate guidance and intervention through avatars, messaging alerts and system notifications, to suggest a better course of action.

Flexible Journal Recording

Journal recording for all key medical activities such as medication compliance, symptoms, exercise, nutrition, medical exercise regimen, tests and measures etc...can be configured, The framework supports user specific, on-the fly configuration of new data element recording.


Transaction Management

Mobile devices are seamlessly connected to the back-end processes and the operational data store whenever a network connection is detected without user intervention. Transactions are acknowledged at both ends to ensure all data was correctly synchronized. The framework supports adapter and web service based connectivity to external system  such as PHR’s or ecosystem partners.